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- 8 hours of coverage
- 1 videographer
-  5+ minute highlight video
- Separate video of ceremony, speeches, dances, etc.
- Flash-drive for the videos
- Online file of videos to be downloaded
- Option to pay in 4 increments leading up to wedding 

* travel fees may apply
* additional filmer can be added for an extra fee

Wedding Video INCLUDES:

One thing I get asked a lot is "Is it worth it to invest in a videographer?" and they answer is YES, a thousands times YES! Photo and video may capture the same moments, but they capture them in a totally separate way. With video, you are able to  literally hear what your loved one sounded like on the day you said your vows. You can watch the emotions in your faces all over again and remember what it felt like in that exact moment. You can relive the excitement and joy through watching each aspect of the day unfold.

On the day you get married, what do you have to walk away with besides your spouse and the memories? All the details fade away, and that is why it is so important to invest in the only two tangible things that allow you to remember it all. Photo and Video.

So as I said above, it is so worth investing in both a photographer and videographer. You will NOT regret it.


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